Gliders are faced with many threats including loss of habitat through land clearing, predation from cats and other domestic pets and injuries from being caught on barb wire fences.

Here are a few ways that you can help protect these gorgeous little creatures:

Make sure that domestic pets (especially cats) are constrained at all times, particularly at nights. There are many good solutions to keep domestic pets at home. Try some of these links:

Catmax (Available in Cairns)
Burkes Backyard
Aussie Cat Enclosures
Cats International

Help Native Wildlife

Make a donation towards the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in the Mission Beach area.

Make A Donation

If you are constructing a fence, or know of someone who is, convince them to use plain wire rather than barbed wire. The top strands are most important, but plain wire top and bottom and barbed in the middle is a good compromise, as this is still very effective for constraining livestock.

Protect our native vegetation – these sugar gliders, along with many other animals are quickly losing their homes with all the clearing going on around the beach at the moment! Encourage SUSTAINABLE development.

October 20, 2005 – Currently there are five sugar gliders in care with Mission Beach Wildcare. Gumnut was the first to be brought in from near the Hull River National Park (mid September), after her mother ran off with two babies and left her behind. Two more were rescued from a property on Boyett Road in late September – they were found in a cut banana bunch. The latest two were also rescued from a cut banana bunch – mid October from a farm near the Hull River National – Park. Gumnut and the two from Boyett Road (Bumnut and Numbnuts) are now living together after a settling in period and are being slowly introduced to the latest two (Wingnut and Peanut). They will all be released back into the wild as a family group in two or three months.
Late news: Now there are six! The latest little girl came from the same banana farm on Boyett Road.

January, 2006 – Well, five of the Gliders have been released now, and the last little girl has a new sister so we are starting all over again!