What happens once you bring the animal to us?

As soon as the animal is brought to Mission Beach Wildcare, it is assessed for the possible need of veterinary attention. If such attention is required, that is organized immediately.

Once the animal is stabilized and has received any veterinary attention necessary, it is passed on to one of our experienced wildlife carers for rehabilitation and eventual release. Every animal which survives is released back to its natural environment as soon as it is positively able to care for its self. This could be as short as overnight (an animal stunned or in shock could possibly come good o/n) to as long as 12 months ( a pinkie joey with eyes closed could take as long as 12 months to be ready for eventual release).

On average, baby birds, possums and bats take about 2 months, wallaby joeys about 8 months, and animals which have been injured rather than orphaned 1 – 2 months.

During this time, the animal’s carer bears all costs associated with the animal. Mission Beach Wildcare is a completely voluntary, not-for-profit organization and is not funded by anyone.

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