Cyclone Yasi – Wildlife Rehabilitation and Recovery

It’s less than 5 years ago that I was writing about Cyclone Larry and the devastation it caused at Mission Beach and surrounding areas. Now I have to write about Cyclone Yasi which if anything is much worse. It just doesn’t seem fair.

We all have houses that can be rebuilt from cyclone damage, but for much of the wildlife, they have lost not only their homes, but also all sources of food. 5 years ago, after “Larry” we saw many starving birds, including cassowaries, and also other hungry rainforest animals. Mission Beach Wildcare will be working to ensure these critters have a continual supply of food, and encourage all the wonderful local people to again set up feeding stations close to where the rainforest previously was. Any critters not able to find food or make use of a feeding station will be taken into care for rehabilitation.

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Make a donation towards the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in the Mission Beach area.

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Most of our carers have no phone or electricity, and are dealing with property damage etc. but we are still able to take wildlife emergency calls thank to Jenny in Speewah who has worked tirelessly since Wednesday to ensure all orphans are safe and happy.

The Mission Beach Wildcare premises at Mission Beach has fared quite well, but the two roller doors at the front of the building are wrecked and some items have had wind and water damage.


Amidst all the devastation this sunbirds nest came through unscathed. Mum and Dad are fine too. I think we need to get some tips on housebuilding in the tropics from them!!