In 2002, Mission Beach Wildcare was called upon to care for 97 animals, including 18 Agile Wallabies.

These animals are cared for by our members in their own homes and at their own expense, there is no funding for “wildlife care”. We do receive donations from time to time and these are much appreciated and go towards subsidising the cost of wildlife food and other expenses.

As an example, each wallaby costs an average of $300 to raise to an age where it can be safely released back into the wild. This figure is based only on the money spent for milk, veterinary expenses, etc., and does not include the countless hours volunteers spend caring for the joeys (including 2 hourly feeds day and night when they are tiny), making bags, washing and much more. Of course, we are rewarded with the many hours of joy that these animals bring us and the satisfaction of seeing them released back into the wild.

Now we offer you an opportunity to share some of that experience with us. For as little as $20 you can Adopt a Critter and you will receive a certificate. We allow each critter we have in care to be sponsored to a maximum of $300.

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